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Crystalline materials news, December 2023

Researchers have developed a new computational tool to describe how the atoms within quantum materials behave when they absorb and emit light.

A 3D model created by AI helped researchers to understand the formation of dislocations in complex polycrystalline materials.

By stacking and twisting two layers of cuprate crystals, researchers have created the world’s first high-temperature superconducting diode.

By conducting laser annealing in a vacuum, researchers have managed to create a transparent magnetic material.

Researchers have combined two nanosized crystalline materials onto a single chip and shown that one can efficienctly transmit light to the other.

Infrared supermirrors use new paradigm in coatings

Using advanced thin-film coating and microfabrication techniques, researchers have developed the first true supermirror for mid-infrared wavelengths.

By mapping the structural features of a 2D ferroelectric material, researchers have revealed how domains in the material impact its behavior.

An AI tool called GNoME worked with an AI-guided robot called A-Lab to create more than 40 novel materials in just 17 days.

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