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Crystalline materials news, November 2020

Moths’ eyes inspire design of antireflective coating for solar panels, smartphones and tablet computers

huge changes in permittivity ZnO can be used to control light in advanced optical devices

Researchers have developed a quick and easy method for assessing new compositions of perovskite materials for use in solar cells.

framework evaluates how a single nanowire grows and effects of different growth factors

altering the crystal structure can induce SiGe to emit light efficiently

novel approach based on chemical vapor deposition produces forests of nanotubes 14 cm long

Researchers have developed a lead-free magnetic double perovskite, which raises the possibility of coupling spintronics with optoelectronics.

Thursday, Nov. 19, 9am Boston, 2pm London, 3pm Berlin, 6am San Francisco, Honolulu 4am

Theoretical research has revealed that applying pressure to a tiny spot on layers of graphene could help to turn them into 2D diamond, or diamane.

improved photoresponse of vanadium dioxide make it a candidate for photodetectors

Researchers have found that a layered 2D perovskite is adept at storing the valley states of electrons, making it potentially ideal for valleytronics.

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