Nanomaterials news, September 2022

Oxide layers reflect on infrared radiation

A novel nanophotonic material made from oxide layers can control the flow of infrared radiation and withstand high temperatures in air.

egg white proteins can be transformed into ultralightweight carbon aerogels for highly efficient water purification

Researchers have developed a colloidal synthesis method for producing alkaline-earth chalcogenide nanocrystals wth defined sizes.

Using a tip made from a samarium hexaboride nanowire, researchers have been able to image magnetic features with a scanning tunneling microscope.

Researchers have created a metal nanoparticle called a 'nanorattle' that can amplify and detect signals from cancer-detecting nanoprobes.

Researchers have developed a 3D nanolattice that possesses a property known as anelasticity, which could form the basis for tiny shock absorbers.

Researchers have developed a nano-engineered metasurface that can produce complex webs of entangled photons.

block copolymer self-assembly combined with 3D printing creates ceramics with nano- to microscale porosity

New curing technique speeds up direct ink writing

Researchers have developed a novel 2D magentic material where magnons pair with excitons, offering a way to detect these spinning quasiparticles.

Researchers have demonstrated a new magnetized edge state in a monolayer of tungsten ditelluride.

Researchers have synthesized a novel class of metallic superlattices that combine one-dimensional and two-dimensional materials.

Researchers have demonstrated a prominent superconducting diode effect in three twisted layers of graphene, without an external magnetic field.

Researchers unexpectedly discovered that a nanoparticle they developed can exhibit superfluorescence at both room temperature and regular intervals.

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