Nanomaterials news, October 2022

Monitoring kidney function might get less invasive

For the first time, researchers formed a rare-earth complex on a gold surface and then rotated it with a scanning tunneling microscope.

Plasmon spectroscopy answers key questions for future electronics

Using 2D semiconductors, researchers have developed an optical spectrometer small enough to fit on a microchip.

A novel composite coating made of the 2D material MXene and vanadium in a polymer solution can absorb and disburse electromagnetic radiation.

Water-repellent smart sensor alerts when wearer is drowning

Fast water desalination helped by new type of membrane

A novel analytical toolkit for measuring the binding forces between single proteins and a substrate like cellulose could help to develop new nanomaterials.

Researchers have shown that colloidal crystals comprising arrays of nanoparticles held together by DNA have shape-memory properties.

Researchers have developed a solid-state ‘twisted’ crystalline layered material that can give rise to tiny light-emitting points called color centers.

Researchers have discovered how to use a laser beam to control the spin of electrons, and therefore the magnetic order, within a 2D semiconductor.

Researchers have created a new formula for the world's whitest paint based on hexagonal boron nitride, making it thinner and lighter.

Researchers have created thicker, faster-charging electrodes for lithium-ion batteries by using a magnet to vertically align 2D materials.

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