Surface science news, September 2020

NICE coating lights up medical devices

NIR dye-polymer fluorescent coating helps surgeons visualize medical devices in the body

Improved face mask design helps fight Covid-19

Modular mask combines a barrier filtration material with a stretchable fabric for easier use

Small imperfections in the lenses used to focus electron microscope beams can lead to the crystal phases in 2D materials being misidentified.

Assessment of state of play of renewable and sustainable fabrics derived from fungi

Researchers have confirmed that the intrinsic magnetism in the bulk of a topological insulator can extend to the electrons at its surface.

Researchers found that cracking on the surface of an electrode particle corresponded with areas of microscopic cracking deep inside the particle.

A novel artificial neural network can predict the degree of water repulsion and protein adsorption by ultra-thin organic materials.

Adding a layer of a noble metal to the surface of a semiconducting crystal changes its structure and gives it completely novel electric properties.

new form of lithography can produce extremely sharp bowtie nanoantennas for improved plasmonics

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