Surface science news, December 2023

Researchers have demonstrated that the magnetic moment of chiral phonons is significantly enhanced in topological materials.

Infrared supermirrors use new paradigm in coatings

New 3D printing method for non-invasive surgery

Improving 2D-materials-based electronic devices

By engineering surface forces, researchers can directly integrate 2D materials into devices in a single contact-and-release step.

Researchers have devised a machine-learning-based tool for investigating in detail how materials behave at their surfaces.

Researchers have developed an inoganic stamp that allowed them to create the cleanest and most uniform stacks of 2D materials to date.

Using diamond quantum magnetometry. researchers have, for the first time, detected magnetic monopoles in a material closely related to rust.

Even at large scales, the amount of friction between two silicon surfaces is determined by microscopic chemical bonds between them.

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