Surface science news, January 2021

Synthetic shape-shifting collagen with potential biomedical applications

Synthetic collagen could offer controlled-release drug delivery and tissue engineering

Pitcher plants create a slippery trap for insects

surface topography of the pitcher plant creates the right conditions for insects to slip into its trap

nanometer thin layers of ZnO on SiO2 show record levels of piezoelectricity

Researchers have discovered that the surface atomic layer of a catalyst for splitting water can re-arrange itself to boost its catalytic activity.

Biosensing platform detects Covid-19 antibodies in seconds

Alternative uses for coal shown in single stage process

Creating a uniform membrane density is crucial for maximizing the performance of polymer membranes for water desalination.

An inexpensive catalyst made from tiny clusters of nickel metal anchored to a 2D substrate is highly effective at extracting hydrogen from alcohols.

Biomedical metallic implants improved with 3D printing

Researchers have uncovered topological properties in cobalt disulfide that could allow this magnetic material to be used for spintronics applications.

Controlling the interlayer twist angle in 2D materials

Self-repairing gelatin-based film that can repair itself multiple times

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