Surface science news, September 2023

Researchers developed 'sticky' silica particles that can capture coronavirus particles and attached them to the surface of face masks.

A novel bottom-up approach to producing nanomaterials takes advantage of the fact that crystals often grow in a specific direction.

‘Engineered living material’ that decontaminates pollutants from water

Researchers have discovered that the ferroelectric behavior of hafnia is coupled to its surface and can be tuned by changing the surrounding atmosphere,

New material makes data encryption safer

By mining data from X-ray images, researchers have made significant new discoveries about the reactivity of lithium iron phosphate electrodes.

Study shows that polylactic acid films are altered by glucose and ketone bodies

Rechargeable battery with improved operating voltage and energy density

A novel composite, textile-based material uses heat to kill viruses on its outer surface while staying cool on the reverse side near the user’s skin.

Researchers have developed bio-based adhesive formulations that grow stronger when underwater or exposed to wet conditions.

Researchers have developed a novel catalyst for reducing carbon dioxide by loading silver nanoparticles onto a titanium dioxide support.

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