Surface science news, September 2017

Thermal properties can affect surface stickiness

Researchers have discovered that the thermal properties of a surface influence whether droplets stick to them or bounce off.

By sprinkling copper atoms atop a gold surface, scientists have developed a novel material for creating synthesis gas from carbon dioxide and water.

Cheap bundles of fibres could be used to clear up oil spills in the future.

The 2016 Frans Habraken Best Paper Award winner has been announced.

Fernando Torres recipient of 2017 Embracing Challenge award

Coming soon, to a bookshelf near you.

Using nanorods and metal coatings, scientists have developed a new way of controlling the domain structure of ferroelectric materials.

Adding nanodiamonds to the electrolyte in lithium-ion batteries can help prevent the formation of short-circuiting dendrites.

Carbonated water offers a greener way to remove graphene produced by chemical vapor deposition from metal substrates.

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