Surface science news, December 2022

By forming needles on the surface of galvanized steel, researchers have come up with a cheap and simple way to bond polymers to it.

New ab-initio simulation unveils ways to reduce friction and wear

Synthetic vascular grafts improved by seaweed molecule

New electrolyte for lithium-ion batteries stops them catching fire

Researchers have developed a scalable fabrication technique for producing ultrathin, lightweight solar cells that can be stuck onto any surface.

Researchers have come up with a souped -up method for measuring the 3D orientation of the molecular building blocks of polymers.

Researchers have discovered why charged ions can pass through certain 2D materials without leaving holes.

A new microprinting technique uses sugar and corn syrup to transfer microscopic patterns of materials onto curved surfaces.

Adding organic ammonium salts to the perovskite surface can help to regulate and reduce unwanted energy loss in perovskite solar cells.

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A novel platinum-gold alloy, 100 times more durable than high-strength steel, is believed to be the most wear-resistant metal in the world.

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Electroconductive hydrogel for tissue repair, drug delivery and medical implants


‘Engineered living material’ that decontaminates pollutants from water

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